Punky the Cat and the Gold Fish

Punky is a cute white cat. He likes to play and he likes to eat. Punky also like to find trouble.

Punky is a white cat. His nose is black. His ears are black. His toes are black. And the tip of his tail is black.
He lives in a house, and he loves to play. He always gets into trouble.

He has toys to play with. He has a cushion to lay on.
But he is a young cat, and he always feels bored.
“The humans are gone, and I want to play. What can I do today?” he says.

He plays with the green string.
He plays with yellow ball.
But he still feels bored.
He looks around the house. Where can he play?

Punky jumps up on the table.
There is a bird in a cage.
There are gold fish in a bowl.
Punky sits and watches them. He wants to play.
“You look fun,” he says, “but you also look delicious.”

Punky goes to his cup and drinks some milk.
“My fur is soft and beautiful because I drink milk everyday,” he says.
“But I am tired of milk. I want something more delicious.”
He knocks over the jug, and the milk spills on the table.
“What delicious meal can I eat?”

He jumps up on the table again. “Hello, little fish.”
He stands up and reaches into the bowl. Can he grab a fish?
The fish swim away. They circle around and around.
“Don’t eat us! Don’t eat us!” they cry.

Punky reaches down. He tries to grab a fish.
“Come here, delicious fish. I only want to play!” he says.
He loses his balance!
His face hits the water and he shouts in surprise.
“Ahh! I’m wet! I’m wet!”

Punky shouts and shouts, “I don’t like to be wet!”
His paws are wet. His face is wet.
He jumps off the table and runs away.
How can he get dry?

The big glass bowl is still on the table.
The water becomes calm again and the fish feel relief!
All the little gold fish are so happy.
They wiggle their fins and they laugh.
“That cat was so surprised to get wet. Why doesn’t he like water?”

Punky runs outside and finds a box.
The box is filled with straw. It is a good bed.
He lays down on the dry straw.
He sits in the sun and licks his paws.
Soon, he becomes dry again.
“This is a lesson that I won’t forget,” he says.
“If I don’t want to get wet, I shouldn’t play with fish.”

The End

About this story:

“Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish” is a story by an anonymous author. It is in the public domain. It is rewritten here for Level 1 English learners.


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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