Fantasy Tadoku ファンタジー多読

Study English by reading fantasy stories.



How to Study. Extensive Reading is one of the best ways to learn a language. 英語多読のやり方・英語小説の特徴・スピーキング力などをUPする方法・ジュディのおすすめの学習方法など


Read stories online. On Fantasy Tadoku, you can read a variety of genres in Easy English. 英語多読 ー ファンタジーやミストリーなどのジャンルを読む


Read Judy’s Journal 英語日記を書いたことありますか?ジュディの日記を参考にして、自分の英語日記を書いてみましょう!

My name is Judy. I am a native English speaker from Massachusetts. I’ve been teaching English in Japan for 8 years. I love reading in English and Japanese, and I especially love Fantasy and Mystery.

Fantasy Tadoku is an online library with short stories and novels for English learners. Choose a genre, choose a level, and start reading.

About Fantasy Tadoku

The goal of Fantasy Tadoku is to bring “genre fiction” and “education” together. We read to learn. And we read for fun.