The North Wind and the Sun

Who is stronger, the North Wind or the Sun?

The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry (Answer)

Trisha jumped up from her chair. “What do you mean? I haven’t lied about anything. I’m asking you to arrest the man who threw my precious necklaces into a lake.” Her eyes became teary again. Detective Lance had no tone of sympathy in his voice. “You said the necklaces all sunk to the bottom ofContinue reading “The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry (Answer)”

The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry

Detective Lance works at a busy police office. Recently, there have been a lot of false reports. His main job is to listen to witnesses and decide if they are telling the truth or lying. A beautiful woman in a red dress swung open the door to the police station. Her heels clicked loudly asContinue reading “The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry”

What is Mystery? All About the Genre and Sub-genres.

A guide to mystery for English learners. What is Mystery? A mystery story asks, “Who did it?” The story starts with a crime, such as a murder or theft. Then, the main characters investigate to find out the truth. The reader often has a chance to “play along” and try to figure out the clues.Continue reading “What is Mystery? All About the Genre and Sub-genres.”

Detective Nanny – The Broken Window – (Answer)

Here is the answer to “The Broken Window.” Click here to read the story from the beginning. Answer:Nadine turned to the mother and said, “You cleaned the kitchen because there was glass everywhere, right?” “Yes, that’s right. Because they broke the window,” said the mother. “But, if the children threw the ball from the kitchen,”Continue reading “Detective Nanny – The Broken Window – (Answer)”

Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Story 1)

Today, Nadine starts a new job – a nanny for a rich American family. But before she starts, she needs to solve a mystery: Who broke the kitchen window? It was a warm autumn morning. The neighborhood had big houses and shiny cars. The houses were close together, so the yards were small. But someContinue reading “Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Story 1)”