The Little Princess in the Woods

Note: Judy Shinohara rewrote this story. The original writer is Helen Dean Fish. She is from Germany. The illustrator is Sibylle V. Olfers.

Listen to the story

This is little Princess Rosemary.

It is summer. Princess Rosemary wakes up early.

She jumps out of bed. She puts on her gold crown. She looks out the castle window.

There are rose trees. The red roses are beautiful.

Behind the rose trees, Princess Rosemary sees some children. They are the Dew Children.

The princess is happy to see the children. She laughs. The Dew Children hear her laughter. They come running. They call out to her,

“Little Princess Rosemary! Come down and play with us!”

Princess Rosemary is faster than a bird. She runs downstairs. She goes outside. The morning sun shines. It is warm and sunny.

She meets the six Dew Children. Their names are Rainbow, Sunshine, Diamond, Dewdrop, Sparkle and Pearl.

“Good morning, Princess Rosemary!” say the Dew Children.

“Good morning everyone. Thank you for coming,” the princess says happily.

The Dew Children look at the princess. “Did you wash up?” they ask.

“No, not yet,” says the princess. Together, they go to a little brook. The water is clear.

Two Dew Children wash her face and hands. One Dew Child drys her face and hands. Another Dew Child brushes her hair. Another puts on her gold shoes. And the last Dew Child ties her red dress.

Now, it is 9 o’clock in the morning. The sun is getting hotter.

The Dew Children go away. The princess has a basket for breakfast. Five little Moss Boys come.

The boys talk to the princess. They say, “Your food smells delicious. Can we have some?”

“Sure. I will share with you.”

They walk together and find a table. The table is an old tree. They sit down. The Moss boys names are Evergreen, Mossy, Velvet, Soft, and Green Jacket.

One Moss Boy brings her toast and warm milk. Another Moss Boy brings her jelly. Another brings her honey. And the last Moss Boy brings her sweet wild strawberries.

Green Jacket has some cakes. But, there is a red squirrel. The red squirrel comes down a tree and takes a cake!

After breakfast, Master Crow flies down. He has glasses on his beak. He carries a book.

He gives the little princess a pencil and a notebook. He tells her, “Sit under the tree. Let’s study.”

The Master Crow stands on a tree stump. He opens his book. He teaches the princess how to spell.

“Spring. S-P-R-I-N-G. Birds. B-I-R-D-S. Eggs. E-G-G-S.”

The princess writes the words. She enjoys the Master Crow’s lesson.

The squirrel watches from a tree. He does not like writing. He is glad that he doesn’t go to school.

The lesson is over.

Now, Princess Rosemary walks around the forest. A baby deer comes to her. They walk together for a while. Seven rabbits hop and play around her.

Everyone seems happy.

The squirrel is here, too. He brought a friend. The two squirrels follow the princess and eat blackberries. The princess eats some blackberries, too. They are sweet and delicious.

There are birds. They fly and sing above the princess.

In the late afternoon, the little princess sees the Mushroom Children. They wear red hats, brown hats and white hats.

They beg her to stop. They call out, “Hello Princess Rosemary! Stay with us for a while. Can you tell us a story, please.”

The princess agrees. She sits on the grass and tells them a story.

She tells them a story about an old oak tree.

The tree is near the castle. The tree is hundreds of years old. It is damaged from storms and wars. But it is still strong.

Finally, it gets dark. The princess feels cold.

Suddenly, many little Star Children appear. They wear white dresses and carry bright star lanterns.

They help her walk to the castle. It is not dark because of their bright lanterns. They walk together through the deep forest.

The children sing slowly and gently. Princess Rosemary is sleepy.

She laughed and studied and played all day, so she is glad to go home.

The little princess opens the castle gate and walks through the yard. She opens the castle doors and goes upstairs. She gets in her white bed.

Soon, Princess Rosemary falls asleep.

Outside, the Dew Children and the Moss Boys lay down.

The Master Crow and the squirrels get sleepy.

The deer and the rabbits fall asleep.

The Mushroom Children dream peacefully.

One little Star Child sits on the castle gate. She holds her lantern all night.

The End


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Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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