The Neighbor’s Scream

A wife and husband eat dinner together. Suddenly, they hear a scream. Their neighbor is in danger. “You are my hero,” Mary says to her husband. “Be careful!” Mary looks up at her husband. He is standing on a chair. “Oh no. I can’t watch!” she says. She covers her eyes with her hands. HerContinue reading “The Neighbor’s Scream”

The Hand – Chapter 4

Alice searches for the hand. She wonders. Will Mac be angry because I took the hand? Will he understand my situation? I’ll tell him it was important. I’ll tell him that one of the aliens needed it to live. She looks in the obvious places… in the closet, in the basement, in the drawers. SheContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 4”

The Hand – Chapter 5

Alice looks at him. Her face is pale and her eyes are wet. She hates him because he destroyed the poor alien’s hand. But she feels fear, too, because it is the first time that she has seen him so angry. “What are you going to do?” He goes over to the cupboard. He takesContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 5”

The Hand – Chapter 3

Alice goes home. She is surprised that it is already evening. She hopes that Mac isn’t angry that she spent a long time there. She enters the house and feels relief – Mac isn’t here. She pets Dobie for a while, then she starts making dinner. Later, Alice and her husband are eating dinner. AliceContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 3”

The Hand – Chapter 2

The phone rings again. To Alice, it is background noise, and she doesn’t notice it. But her husband says, “Aren’t you going to answer the phone?” She goes to the house, feeling dazed. Before she goes inside the house, she turns and asks, “What are you going to do with it?” “You just go insideContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 2”