The Mouse’s Journey to The Moon ネズミの月への旅

The moon is big and beautiful. And, it is made of cheese. “Willie Mouse” by Alta Tabor 英語多読 ー 初心者向け This story was rewritten for Level 2 English learners. The Mouse’s Journey to the Moon When Willie Mouse was a little boy, his mom and dad often said, “Look at the moon. It is big and beautiful.Continue reading “The Mouse’s Journey to The Moon ネズミの月への旅”

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

There is a beautiful doll house with two cute dolls. One day, the dolls go out, and two bad mice come in. This story is by Beatrix Potter. It is rewritten for Level 2 English learners. The Tale of Two Bad Mice Once upon a time there was a very beautiful doll’s house. It wasContinue reading “The Tale of Two Bad Mice”

The Tell-Tale Heart

Can you hear it? The man’s heart is beating, beating, beating… This is a simplified version of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. Original Story The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe in 1843 Level Level 2 (for upper-beginner English learners) Word Count 2,000 words Genre Horror Crazy? Do you think that I amContinue reading “The Tell-Tale Heart”

My Dragon – Chapter 10 – I Find The Dragon

Chapter 10 – I Find The Dragon When I was crossing the back of the fifteenth crocodile with just two more lollipops to go, the noise of the monkeys suddenly stopped. I could hear a much bigger noise getting louder every second. Then, I could hear seven furious tigers and one raging rhinoceros and twoContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 10 – I Find The Dragon”

My Dragon – Chapter 9 – I Make A Bridge

Chapter 9 – I Make A Bridge I walked back and forth along the river bank trying to think of some way to cross the river. I found a high flagpole with a rope going over to the other side. The rope went through a loop at the top of the pole, and then downContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 9 – I Make A Bridge”

My Dragon – Chapter 8 – I Meet A Gorilla

Chapter 8 – I Meet A Gorilla I continued down the trail, but I started to feel hungry. I felt so hungry that I decided to take a short break. I sat down under a baby banyan tree that was near the trail and I ate four tangerines. I wanted to eat eight or ten,Continue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 8 – I Meet A Gorilla”

My Dragon – Chapter 7 – I Meet A Lion

Chapter 7 – I Meet a Lion I waved goodbye to the rhinoceros, who was much too busy to notice. Farther down, I took a drink from the brook, and then I went back to the trail. I hadn’t gone very far when I heard an angry animal roaring. “Dang it! Why did you goContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 7 – I Meet A Lion”

My Dragon – Chapter 6 – I Meet A Rhinoceros

Chapter 6 – I Meet a Rhinoceros I soon found a trail that lead away from the clearing. All sorts of animals might be using it too, but I decided to follow the trail. No matter how dangerous it might be, I had to continue on to find the dragon. I kept my eyes open,Continue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 6 – I Meet A Rhinoceros”

My Dragon – Chapter 5 – I Meet Some Tigers

Chapter 5 – I Meet Some Tigers The river was very wide and muddle and the jungle was very gloom and dense. The trees grew close to each other. The space in between the trees was completely filled with great high ferns with sticky leaves. I hated to leave the beach, but I decided toContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 5 – I Meet Some Tigers”

Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty

Freckle Frog is an ugly frog, but she is invited to a party. She wants to be pretty, but what can she wear? Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Marian. She had a doll named Big Mary. Marian loved Big Mary, and she tried to be kind to her doll. ButContinue reading “Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty”