What is Mystery? All About the Genre and Sub-genres.

A guide to mystery for English learners. What is Mystery? A mystery story asks, “Who did it?” The story starts with a crime, such as a murder or theft. Then, the main characters investigate to find out the truth. The reader often has a chance to “play along” and try to figure out the clues.Continue reading “What is Mystery? All About the Genre and Sub-genres.”

Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Story 1)

Today, Nadine starts a new job – a nanny for a rich American family. But before she starts, she needs to solve a mystery: Who broke the kitchen window? It was a warm autumn morning. The neighborhood had big houses and shiny cars. The houses were close together, so the yards were small. But someContinue reading “Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Story 1)”