Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty

Freckle Frog is an ugly frog, but she is invited to a party. She wants to be pretty, but what can she wear? Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Marian. She had a doll named Big Mary. Marian loved Big Mary, and she tried to be kind to her doll. ButContinue reading “Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty”

My Dragon – Chapter 4 – I Find the River

Chapter 4 – I Find the River The jungle began just beyond the narrow beach. It was a thick, dark, damp, scary jungle. I hardly knew where to go, so I crawled under a bush to think. I ate eight tangerines from my backpack. The first thing to do, I decided, was to find theContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 4 – I Find the River”

My Dragon – Chapter 3 – I Find the Island

Chapter 3 – I Find the Island I hid in the hold for six days and nights. Twice, I was nearly caught when the ship stopped to pick up more cargo. But at last, I heard a sailor say that the next port would be Cranberry and that they’d be unloading the wheat there. IContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 3 – I Find the Island”