Dracula – 3 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 5th,In the castle. The gray of the morning has passed, and the sun is high over the distant horizon. The horizon isn’t flat, but jagged with trees or hills. I’m not sleepy now, so I’ll write until I fall asleep. There are so many odd things to write down. I think I’ll start byContinue reading “Dracula – 3 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

2 B R 0 2 B

Mr. Wehling waited in the hospital as his wife gave birth to 3 healthy babies. Triplets. It should be the happiest day of his life, but it isn’t. It’s far from happy. Everything was perfect. There were no prisons.There were no poor neighborhoods.There were no disabilities.No illness, no poverty, no war. All diseases had beenContinue reading “2 B R 0 2 B”

My Dragon – Chapter 4 – I Find the River

Chapter 4 – I Find the River The jungle began just beyond the narrow beach. It was a thick, dark, damp, scary jungle. I hardly knew where to go, so I crawled under a bush to think. I ate eight tangerines from my backpack. The first thing to do, I decided, was to find theContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 4 – I Find the River”

Punky the Cat and the Gold Fish

Punky is a cute white cat. He likes to play and he likes to eat. Punky also like to find trouble. Punky is a white cat. His nose is black. His ears are black. His toes are black. And the tip of his tail is black.He lives in a house, and he loves to play.Continue reading “Punky the Cat and the Gold Fish”

Vampires, Dragons and Cats – May 10th to May 16th – バンパイヤ、ドラゴン、猫 英語多読

Hello readers and English students! Welcome to Fantasy Tadoku, your Easy English Story Library. We will have a new chapter or story upload every day this month. 皆さん、こんにちは!ファンタジー多読にようこそ。ここで、やさしい英語に書いてあるストーリーがたくさん見られます(無料で!)今月、毎日新しいストーリーを投稿します。 This week’s upload schedule includes: My Dragon (Fantasy, Level 3) 私のドラゴン (ファンタジー、中級) “But people never go to Wild Island because it’s mostly jungle, and very, very wildContinue reading “Vampires, Dragons and Cats – May 10th to May 16th – バンパイヤ、ドラゴン、猫 英語多読”

My Dragon – Chapter 3 – I Find the Island

Chapter 3 – I Find the Island I hid in the hold for six days and nights. Twice, I was nearly caught when the ship stopped to pick up more cargo. But at last, I heard a sailor say that the next port would be Cranberry and that they’d be unloading the wheat there. IContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 3 – I Find the Island”

Dracula – 2 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 4th, I learned that the hotel owner got a separate letter from Count Dracula, insisting that I get the best seat on the coach. But when the owner talked to me about it, he seemed resistant and he pretended that he could not understand my German. I’m sure that he could understand me, sinceContinue reading “Dracula – 2 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

My Dragon – Chapter 2 – I Run Away

Chapter 2 – I Run Away “Wild Island is cut into two by a very wide and muddy river,” continued the cat. “This river begins near one end of the island and flows into the ocean at the other end. The animals there are very lazy, and they used to hate having to go allContinue reading “My Dragon – Chapter 2 – I Run Away”