Dracula – 6 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 8th, At first, I thought I was being silly to write such detailed journals of my experiences, but now I am glad that I have written everything down. There is something so strange about this place and it makes me feel uneasy. I wish I were safely out of this place. I wish IContinue reading “Dracula – 6 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

A New Classic Literature Series – June 21st to 28th

Hello readers and English students! Welcome to Fantasy Tadoku, your Easy English Story Library. From this week, we have a new category: Classic Literature! 皆さん、こんにちは!ファンタジー多読にようこそ。ここで、やさしい英語に書いてあるストーリーがたくさん見られます(無料で!) This week’s upload schedule includes: Anne of Green Gables (Classic Literature – Level 4) 赤毛のアン (古典文学、上級) Finally, Mrs. Rachel reached the backyard of Green Gables. The yard was very green andContinue reading “A New Classic Literature Series – June 21st to 28th”

The Rocket Book

A boy has a rocket. He fires the rocket in an apartment building. Up, up up! It goes through the 1st floor. It goes through the 2nd floor. Up, up, up to the 21st floor! The Basement Here is an apartment building with 20 floors. The building’s janitor has a child. His name is Fritz.Continue reading “The Rocket Book”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 1 – Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised

Mr. and Ms. Cuthbert are grumpy middle-aged siblings who need help on their farm on Prince Edward Island. They decide to adopt a boy, but what they get instead is an outspoken girl named Anne. Chapter 1 – Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised Mrs. Rachel Lynde lived in a little hollow at the bottom ofContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 1 – Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised”

Dracula – 5 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 7th, It is early morning now, but I haven’t yet written about yesterday. Let me tell you the tale now. Yesterday, I slept until late in the day. I woke up lazily and dressed myself. I went into the room where we had eaten dinner, and I found a cold breakfast on the table,Continue reading “Dracula – 5 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

Fantasy, Sci-fi and Rockets – May 17th to May 23rd – ファンタジー、SF、ロケット 英語多読

Hello readers and English students! Welcome to Fantasy Tadoku, your Easy English Story Library. We will have a new chapter or story upload every day this month. 皆さん、こんにちは!ファンタジー多読にようこそ。ここで、やさしい英語に書いてあるストーリーがたくさん見られます(無料で!)今月、毎日新しいストーリーを投稿します。 This week’s upload schedule includes: The Red Suitcase (Fantasy / Suspense – Level 4) 赤いスーツケース (ファンタジー・スリリング、上級) I had been on the flight to Los Angeles for aboutContinue reading “Fantasy, Sci-fi and Rockets – May 17th to May 23rd – ファンタジー、SF、ロケット 英語多読”

Peter Rabbit

Do you know Peter Rabbit? He is a cute rabbit, but he gets into trouble. “Don’t go to the garden!” This is a story about a rabbit family. There are four little rabbits. Their names are: Floppy,Mopsy,Cotton-tail,and Peter. They live with their mother. They live under a tree. “My little rabbits,” says the mother rabbit,Continue reading “Peter Rabbit”

Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty

Freckle Frog is an ugly frog, but she is invited to a party. She wants to be pretty, but what can she wear? Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Marian. She had a doll named Big Mary. Marian loved Big Mary, and she tried to be kind to her doll. ButContinue reading “Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty”

Hatchet – Recommended Reading

Hello, everyone! It’s Judy! Each week, I want to talk about a novel that I read. I will introduce novels that intermediate and advanced English learners can enjoy reading. This week, I read the novel, “Hatchet.” It was written in 1986 by Gary Paulson. This is actually this second time I’ve read it. I firstContinue reading “Hatchet – Recommended Reading”

Dracula – 4 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

Chapter 2 May 5th (continued), I must have been asleep, for sure. If I had been fully awake, I would have noticed such a remarkable place approaching. In the gloom of the night, the courtyard looked huge. Several dark paths winded under big, round arches. Maybe the courtyard simply looks bigger than it really is.Continue reading “Dracula – 4 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”