The Call of the Wild – Chapter 1 – Into the Primitive

This is the adventure of Buck, a dog that was stolen from his comfortable California home and sent to the freezing Northland to help men find gold. As he faces the cruel new world, he must learn how to survive and dominate in the wild. Original Novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London,Continue reading “The Call of the Wild – Chapter 1 – Into the Primitive”

I’m a Bookworm 私は本の虫

Isn’t it interesting? The English and Japanese languages have the same expression for “bookworm.” The Japanese expression is 本の虫. It directly translates to “book insect.” In French, their word translates to “ink drinker.” In German, their word translates to “reading rat.” I love the creative words that each language has for bookworms.  But I haveContinue reading “I’m a Bookworm 私は本の虫”