Dracula – 5 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 7th, It is early morning now, but I haven’t yet written about yesterday. Let me tell you the tale now. Yesterday, I slept until late in the day. I woke up lazily and dressed myself. I went into the room where we had eaten dinner, and I found a cold breakfast on the table,Continue reading “Dracula – 5 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

Hatchet – Recommended Reading

Hello, everyone! It’s Judy! Each week, I want to talk about a novel that I read. I will introduce novels that intermediate and advanced English learners can enjoy reading. This week, I read the novel, “Hatchet.” It was written in 1986 by Gary Paulson. This is actually this second time I’ve read it. I firstContinue reading “Hatchet – Recommended Reading”

Dracula – 4 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

Chapter 2 May 5th (continued), I must have been asleep, for sure. If I had been fully awake, I would have noticed such a remarkable place approaching. In the gloom of the night, the courtyard looked huge. Several dark paths winded under big, round arches. Maybe the courtyard simply looks bigger than it really is.Continue reading “Dracula – 4 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

Dracula – 3 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 5th,In the castle. The gray of the morning has passed, and the sun is high over the distant horizon. The horizon isn’t flat, but jagged with trees or hills. I’m not sleepy now, so I’ll write until I fall asleep. There are so many odd things to write down. I think I’ll start byContinue reading “Dracula – 3 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”