Dracula – Part 16 – Mina Murray’s Journal

Mina Murray’s Journal. August 8, Lucy was very restless all night, and I, too, could not sleep. The storm was fearful, and as it boomed loudly, it made me shudder. Strangely enough, the booming thunder did not wake Lucy, but she got up twice in the night and dressed herself. Fortunately, each time I wokeContinue reading “Dracula – Part 16 – Mina Murray’s Journal”

Dracula – Part 15 – The Dailygraph

Chapter 7 August 8, Article from “The Dailygraph,”(Cut and pasted into Mina Murray’s Journal) From a local journalist.Whitby. One of the greatest and most sudden storms ever recorded has just been experienced here. The weather had been somewhat sultry, but nothing uncommon to the month of August. Saturday evening was fine, and the townspeople wereContinue reading “Dracula – Part 15 – The Dailygraph”

Dracula – Part 14 – Mina Murray’s Journal

Mina Murray’s Journal July 26, I am anxious, and it soothes me to express myself here. Writing in a journal is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time. And when I write in shorthand symbols, it feels different from regular writing. I am unhappy about Lucy and about Jonathan. I had notContinue reading “Dracula – Part 14 – Mina Murray’s Journal”

Dracula – Part 13 – Dr. Seward’s Journal

Dr. Seward’s Journal June 5, The case of Renfield grows more interesting the more I get to understand the man. He has certain qualities that are very developed; selfishness, secrecy, and purpose. I wish I could understand what his purpose was. He seems to have some scheme of his own, but I can’t figure itContinue reading “Dracula – Part 13 – Dr. Seward’s Journal”

Dracula – Part 12 – Mina Murray’s Journal

Chapter 6 Mina Murray’s Journal July 24, Today, I am in Whitby. Lucy met me at the station, looking sweeter and lovelier than ever. We drove up to the house at the Crescent in which they have rooms. This is a lovely place. The little river, the Esk, runs through a deep valley, which broadensContinue reading “Dracula – Part 12 – Mina Murray’s Journal”

Peter Pan – Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon

Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon The children often spent long summer days on this lagoon, swimming or floating most of the time, playing the mermaid games in the water, and so forth. But don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not saying that the mermaids were on friendly terms with them. On the contrary, talkingContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 12 – A Solemn Vow

It wasn’t until the next Friday that Marilla heard the story of the flower garland on the hat. She heard the story from Mrs. Rachel. And when she came back home, she called Anne over to her. “Anne, Mrs. Rachel says you went to church last Sunday with your hat looking ridiculous with roses andContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 12 – A Solemn Vow”

Peter Pan – Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground

Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground The next day, one of the first things Peter did was measure Wendy, John, and Michael. Hook, you remember, had laughed at the boys for making seven different tree doors, but this was Hook’s ignorance. Because actually, unless the tree fits you exactly, it was difficult toContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 11 – Anne’s Impression of Sunday School

“Well, how do you like them?” asked Marilla. Anne was standing in the gable room, looking down at three new dresses spread out on the bed. One dress was a brown, checkered dress that looked like something a maid or a restaurant server would wear. Another was a black and white checkered dress that wasContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 11 – Anne’s Impression of Sunday School”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 10 – Anne’s Apology

Marilla didn’t tell Matthew about the incident that evening. However, when Anne was still stubbornly closed up in her room the next morning, Marilla had to explain the child’s absence from the breakfast table. Marilla told Matthew the whole story, making sure to emphasize the seriousness of the situation. “It’s a good thing Rachel LyndeContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 10 – Anne’s Apology”