Peter Pan – Chapter 15 – Hook or Me This Time

Chapter 15 Odd things happen to all of us on our way through life without us noticing that they have happened. For example, if we suddenly discover that we have been deaf in one ear, we have trouble guessing when our hearing had started to fade. Such an experience had come to Peter that night.Continue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 15 – Hook or Me This Time”

Peter Pan – Chapter 14 – The Pirate Ship

Chapter 14 One green light squinted over the pirate river, where the Jolly Roger lay. The Jolly Roger wasn’t just an ordinary ship. It was the cannibal of the seas. She hardly needed the pirates to watch over her because she floated immune, with the horror of her name. She was wrapped in the darknessContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 14 – The Pirate Ship”

Peter Pan – Chapter 13 – Do You Believe in Fairies?

Chapter 13 – Do You Believe in Fairies? The first to emerge from his tree was Curly. He rose out of it into the arms of Cecco, who flung the poor boy down the line of pirates. He was flung from Smee, to Starkey, to Bill Jukes, to Noodler, and so on until he wasContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 13 – Do You Believe in Fairies?”

Peter Pan – Chapter 12 – The Children Are Carried Off

Chapter 12 – The Children Are Carried Off The pirate attack had been a complete surprise. It was sure proof that Hook had executed the plan incorrectly because the pirates weren’t smart enough to outsmart anyone else. Suddenly, around the brave Tiger Lily and her warriors, the pirates suddenly appeared. It was such a surpriseContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 12 – The Children Are Carried Off”

Peter Pan – Chapter 11 – Wendy’s Story

Chapter 11 – Wendy’s Story “Listen,” said Wendy, settling down to her story with Michael at her feet and seven boys in the bed. “Once upon a time, there was a gentleman—“ “I wish he was a lady,” Curly said. “I wish he was a white rat,” said Nibs. “Quiet,” their mother admonished them. ThereContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 11 – Wendy’s Story”

Dracula – Part 19 – A Letter from Jonathan

Letter.From Samuel F. Billington & Son, Solictors, Whitby,To Carter, Paterson & Co., London, August 17, Dear Sirs, Please receive the goods sent by Great Northern Railway. We ask you to deliver it directly to Carfax Mansion immediately after it is received at King’s Cross. The house at Carfax is presently empty, but we have enclosedContinue reading “Dracula – Part 19 – A Letter from Jonathan”

Dracula – Part 18 – Mina Murray’s Journal

Same day, night, We had a pleasant day. The air was clear and the sun was bright. There was a cool breeze. We had our lunch in the Mulgrave Woods. Mrs. Westenra drove down the road, and Lucy and I walked along the cliff path to join her at the gate. I felt a littleContinue reading “Dracula – Part 18 – Mina Murray’s Journal”

Peter Pan – Chapter 10 – The Happy Home

Chapter 10 – The Happy Home One important result of the adventure on the lagoon was that the natives became their friends. Peter had saved Tiger Lily from a dreadful fate, and now there was nothing she and her tribe wouldn’t do for him. All night, they sat above, keeping watch over the home underContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 10 – The Happy Home”

Dracula – Part 17 – Mina Murray’s Journal

Same day, 11 pm, Oh! I am tired! If writing in my journal wasn’t a habit, I wouldn’t open it tonight. We had a lovely walk. Lucy, after a while, was in good spirits. Probably because some dear cows came nosing toward us when we passed a field close to the lighthouse. When they cameContinue reading “Dracula – Part 17 – Mina Murray’s Journal”

Peter Pan – Chapter 9 – The Neverbird

Chapter 9 – The Neverbird Before Peter was alone, the last thing he heard was the mermaids retiring one by one to their bedrooms under the sea. The water steadily rose until it was nibbling at his feet. To pass the time until his death, Peter watched the only thing on the lagoon. From afar,Continue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 9 – The Neverbird”