Mystery Stories

Are you looking for a challenge? Practice reading English while solving a mystery. Can you find the clues before the end of the story?

All Mystery Stories

Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Mystery, Cozy Mystery – Level 2)

Today, Nadine starts a new job – a nanny for a rich American family. But before she starts, she needs to solve a mystery: Who broke the kitchen window?

The Neighbor’s Scream (Mystery, Suspense – Level 1)

A wife and husband eat dinner together. Suddenly, they hear a scream. Their neighbor is in danger.

The Rice Cracker Thief (Mystery, Contemporary – Level 1)

I wait at the airport. A little boy sits next to me. He smiles at me and he steals my rice crackers.

The Three Fairies きみならどうする? (Fantasy, Mystery – Level 1)

There are 3 fairies in your house. Can you find them before they take your treasures?

The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry (Mystery – Level 3)

Detective Lance works at a busy police office. Recently, there have been a lot of false reports. His main job is to listen to witnesses and decide if they are telling the truth or lying.

The Lie Detective – Armed Robbery (Mystery – Level 3)

“Help!” Cried a woman’s voice through the phone. “I’ve been robbed!” – Can you solve this mystery before Detective Lance does?

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