Level 3 Stories

Let’s begin your reading adventure.

What is level 3?

Level 3 is for intermediate students. These stories have intermediate vocabulary (“spirit,” “equipment,” “disappear”) and expressions (“get into trouble,” “all of a sudden,” “keep up with”). They use modals (“should,” “might,” “would”) and relative clauses (“That is the city where I was born”).

=EIKEN Grade Pre 2

=CEFR level A2, B1

All Level 3 Stories

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fantasy, Human Drama – Level 3)

Life begins with youth and energy. And it ends in pain and weakness. But what if we lived life backwards? This is the life of Benjamin Button.

The Lie Detective – Sunken Jewelry (Mystery – Level 3)

Detective Lance works at a busy police office. Recently, there have been a lot of false reports. His main job is to listen to witnesses and decide if they are telling the truth or lying.

The Lie Detective – Armed Robbery (Mystery – Level 3)

“Help!” Cried a woman’s voice through the phone. “I’ve been robbed!” – Can you solve this mystery before Detective Lance does?

My Dragon (Fantasy – Level 3)

A kind boy learns about a baby dragon who needs help. He goes on an adventure to save the dragon from Wild Island!

2 B R 0 2 B (Sci-fi, Dark – Level 3)

Mr. Wehling waited in the hospital as his wife gave birth to 3 healthy babies. Triplets. It should be the happiest day of his life, but it isn’t. It’s far from happy.

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