Level 2 Stories

Let’s begin your reading adventure.

What is level 2?

Level 2 is for upper beginners. These stories have short sentences and use simple conjunctions (“and,” “but,” “when,” “as soon as”). They mainly use present tense (“go”), but sometimes use past tense (“went”) and future tense (“will go” “going to go”).

=EIKEN Grade 3

=CEFR level A1, A2

All Level 2 Stories

The Hand (Sci-Fi, Horror – Level 2)

Alice loves her dog, but the dog is always in trouble. One day, he brings something home… a human hand!?

Detective Nanny – The Broken Window (Mystery, Cozy Mystery – Level 2)

Today, Nadine starts a new job – a nanny for a rich American family. But before she starts, she needs to solve a mystery: Who broke the kitchen window?

The Seven Young Goats and the Wolf (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

Seven young goats were at home. They heard a knock at the door. Was it their mother? Or was it the hungry wolf?

The Donkey and the Baskets of Salt (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

The donkey didn’t like to carry the heavy baskets of salt. He got a smart idea. Can he fool the merchant?

The Milkmaid and Her Bucket (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

A milkmaid milks her cow and gets a bucket of delicious milk. Now, what will she do next? She has big plans.

The North Wind and The Sun (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

Who is stronger, the North Wind or the Sun?

Freckle Frog Becomes Pretty (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

Freckle Frog is an ugly frog, but she is invited to a party. She wants to be pretty, but what can she wear?

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