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The Wizard of Oz (Fantasy – Level 4)

A young girl arrives a strange fantasy world. She makes friends with a lion, scarecrow and tin man. But how will she get home?

The Hand (Sci-Fi/Horror – Level 2)

Alice loves her dog, but the dog is always in trouble. One day, the dog brings something home… a human hand!?

The Little Princess in the Woods (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 1)

A little princess wakes up. She visits her friends in the woods.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fantasy, Human Drama – Level 3)

Life begins with youth and energy. And it ends in pain and weakness. But what if we lived life backwards? This is the life of Benjamin Button.

The Seven Young Goats and the Wolf (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

Seven young goats were at home. They heard a knock at the door. Was it their mother? Or was it the hungry wolf?

The Lion and the Mouse (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 1)

A mouse runs into a lion. “Please don’t kill me!” says the poor mouse. “Please let me go. Someday, I will repay you!”

The Milkmaid and Her Bucket (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

A milkmaid milks her cow and gets a bucket of delicious milk. Now, what will she do next? She has big plans.

The Donkey and the Baskets of Salt (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

The donkey didn’t like to carry the heavy baskets of salt. He got a smart idea. Can he fool the merchant?

The North Wind and The Sun (Fantasy, Fairy Tale – Level 2)

Who is stronger, the North Wind or the Sun?

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