Classic Literature Stories

Are you interested in studying English with the Classics? Classic Literature often has overly complex grammar, outdated vocabulary and stiff dialogues. This collection has been rewritten with modern, conversational English. This is English that you can enjoy studying.

All Classic Literature Stories

The Wizard of Oz (Fantasy – Level 4)

A young girl arrives a strange fantasy world. She makes friends with a lion, scarecrow and tin man. But how will she get home?

Anne of Green Gables (Classic Literature – Level 4)

The Cuthbert family decides to adopt a boy. Instead, they get Anne. Anne is a talkative young girl who can’t seem to fit in with Green Gables.

Dracula (Fantasy, Horror – Level 4)

This is the dark tale of Count Dracula, told through chilling journal entries. It starts with Jonathan Harker’s visit to the Count’s castle.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fantasy, Classic Literature – Level 3)

Life begins with youth and energy. And it ends in pain and weakness. But what if we lived life backwards? This is the life of Benjamin Button.

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