What is Fantasy? — All about the genre and sub-genres.

What is Fantasy? Fantasy stories are not reality. They have imaginary characters and places. In the past and in the future, we will probably never see such things. Fantasy stories often include magic, creatures, super powers, and strange worlds. You will see: Dragons. Magic. Elves. Talking animals. Popular fantasy novels and movies are: The PopularContinue reading “What is Fantasy? — All about the genre and sub-genres.”

FAQ About Tadoku

What is Tadoku? In Japanese, tadoku means “extensive reading.” Basically, it means “read a lot.” It is a great way to study language. Instead of boring textbooks, you can read fun stories. Why is Tadoku good for studying language? Many students use grammar textbooks to study language. They memorize vocabulary lists and take practice tests.Continue reading “FAQ About Tadoku”