Dracula – Part 10 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

May 18th, I went down to look at that room again in daylight, because I must know the truth. When I got to the doorway at the top of the stairs, it was closed. It had been so forcibly shut that part of the wooden doorframe was splintered. I could see that the door hadContinue reading “Dracula – Part 10 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 6 – Marilla Makes Up Her Mind

They eventually arrived. Mrs. Spencer lived in a big yellow house at White Sands Cove. When she came to the door, surprise and welcome were mingled in her expression. “Dear, dear,” she exclaimed, “you’re the last folks I expected today, but I’m really glad to see you. You should bring your horse into the barn.Continue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 6 – Marilla Makes Up Her Mind”

Peter Pan – Chapter 6 – The Little House

Chapter 6 – The Little House Tootles was standing like a conqueror over Wendy’s body when the other boys sprang from their trees, armed with weapons. “You are too late,” he cried proudly, “I have shot the Wendy. Peter will be so happy with me.” Overhead, Tinker Bell shouted, “Stupid boy!” and darted away intoContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 6 – The Little House”

Peter Pan – Chapter 5 – The Island Come True

Chapter 5 – The Island Come True Feeling that Peter had returned, Neverland awakened into life again. In his absence, things are usually quiet on the island. The fairies take an extra hour in the morning to get up. The beasts quiet down and take care of their children. The natives eat for six daysContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 5 – The Island Come True”

The Tell-Tale Heart

Can you hear it? The man’s heart is beating, beating, beating… This is a simplified version of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. Original Story The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe in 1843 Level Level 2 (for upper-beginner English learners) Word Count 2,000 words Genre Horror Crazy? Do you think that I amContinue reading “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Peter Pan – Chapter 4 – The Flight

Chapter 4 – The Flight “Second to the right, and straight until morning.” That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland. But even if you carried a map, and even if you asked the birds for help, you couldn’t understand Peter’s directions. Peter, you see, just said anything that came into hisContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 4 – The Flight”

I’m a Bookworm 私は本の虫

Isn’t it interesting? The English and Japanese languages have the same expression for “bookworm.” The Japanese expression is 本の虫. It directly translates to “book insect.” In French, their word translates to “ink drinker.” In German, their word translates to “reading rat.” I love the creative words that each language has for bookworms.  But I haveContinue reading “I’m a Bookworm 私は本の虫”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 5 – Anne’s History

Chapter 5 – Anne’s History “Do you know,” said Anne, “I’ve made up my mind to enjoy this drive. In my experience, I’ve learned that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind that you will. Of course, you must make it up firmly. I’m not going to think about goingContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 5 – Anne’s History”

Dracula – Part 9 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal

Later – The Morning of May 16th, God, please preserve my sanity. Safety and the assurance of safety are things that I cannot even hope to wish for anymore. While I live here, there is only one thing that I can hope for: that I don’t go insane. (If I have not gone insane already.)Continue reading “Dracula – Part 9 – Jonathan Harker’s Journal”

Peter Pan – Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away!

Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away! For a moment after Mr. and Mrs. Darling left the house, the children’s three lamps continued to burn, but soon after the children fell asleep, the lamps went out. There was another light in the room now. It was much brighter than the lamps. And in the blinkContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away!”