I’m studying for the JLPT 日本語能力試験

In Japan, the Japanese proficiency test is held twice a year: in July and in December. I wanted to take the test this summer, but because of Covid-19, the July test was canceled. In fact, in many countries, the JLPT has been cancelled this year. Fortunately, in Japan, the December test will be held. IContinue reading “I’m studying for the JLPT 日本語能力試験”

A New Prime Minister 新しい総理大臣

Until recently, Shinzo Abe was the Prime Minister of Japan. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history (about 9 years!). A few weeks ago, he announced that he was resigning because of health issues. I was surprised because it was sudden. I am used to the American government system. The presidents change onContinue reading “A New Prime Minister 新しい総理大臣”

The Neighbor’s Scream

A wife and husband eat dinner together. Suddenly, they hear a scream. Their neighbor is in danger. “You are my hero,” Mary says to her husband. “Be careful!” Mary looks up at her husband. He is standing on a chair. “Oh no. I can’t watch!” she says. She covers her eyes with her hands. HerContinue reading “The Neighbor’s Scream”

The Donkey and the Baskets of Salt

The donkey doesn’t like to carry the heavy baskets of salt. He gets a smart idea. Can he fool the merchant? Once upon a time, there was a merchant and a donkey. Every morning, the merchant took the donkey to the seaside and collected salt. He loaded salt into baskets and put them on theContinue reading “The Donkey and the Baskets of Salt”

The Milkmaid and Her Bucket

A milkmaid goes outside and walks into the barn. “Good morning, my dear cow,” she says. She takes a wooden bucket and milks the cow. As she milks the cow, she says, “This milk is good. It will make plenty of cream.” She stands up and pats the cow on its head. She continues, “AndContinue reading “The Milkmaid and Her Bucket”

The Rice Cracker Thief

This story is about a woman and a little boy. Does the little boy steal rice crackers? I like to travel. I have a ticket to Paris. I wake up early. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I get my suitcase. I put it in my car. I drive to the airport. WhileContinue reading “The Rice Cracker Thief”

The Seven Young Goats and the Wolf

This is a classic fairy tale. It was edited by Judy Shinohara for level 2 readers. Fairy Tale Fantasy. There was once an old goat who had seven little kids. She loved them all as much as any mother ever loved her children. One day the old goat wanted to go into the woods toContinue reading “The Seven Young Goats and the Wolf”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 7 – Thirties

Chapter 7 – Thirties One of the rumors, at least, was certainly not true. The wholesale hardware store was not a risky business. It profited amazingly. In the fifteen years between Benjamin Button’s marriage in 1880 and his father’s retirement in 1895, the family fortune was doubled – and this was largely due to Benjamin’sContinue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 7 – Thirties”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 5 – Twenty

Chapter 5 – Twenty In 1880, Benjamin Button turned twenty years old, and he started working for his father at Roger Button & Co., Wholesale Hardware. That same year, he began going out socially – that is, his father insisted on taking him to several fashionable dances. Roger Button was now fifty, so he andContinue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 5 – Twenty”