The Hand – Chapter 3

Alice goes home. She is surprised that it is already evening. She hopes that Mac isn’t angry that she spent a long time there. She enters the house and feels relief – Mac isn’t here. She pets Dobie for a while, then she starts making dinner. Later, Alice and her husband are eating dinner. AliceContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 3”

The Little Princess in the Woods

This is little Princess Rosemary. It is summer. Princess Rosemary wakes up early. She jumps out of bed. She puts on her gold crown. She looks out the castle window. There are rose trees. The red roses are beautiful. Behind the rose trees, Princess Rosemary sees some children. They are the Dew Children. The princessContinue reading “The Little Princess in the Woods”

The Hand – Chapter 2

The phone rings again. To Alice, it is background noise, and she doesn’t notice it. But her husband says, “Aren’t you going to answer the phone?” She goes to the house, feeling dazed. Before she goes inside the house, she turns and asks, “What are you going to do with it?” “You just go insideContinue reading “The Hand – Chapter 2”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – 2 – The Council of the Munchins

Chapter 2 – The Council with The Munchkins She woke up by a shock. The shock was sharp and sudden. If she hadn’t been lying on the soft bed, she might have been hurt. Toto whined and put his cold, wet nose on Dorothy’s face. Dorothy sat up. The house was not moving. And itContinue reading “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – 2 – The Council of the Munchins”

What is Romance? — All about the genre and sub-genres.

What is Romance? Romance is a story about love. Typically, the two characters meet for the first time at the beginning of the novel and confess their love by the end of the novel. This genre usually has a happy ending. You will see: Handsome men. Beautiful women. Secrets. Love. Popular romance novels and moviesContinue reading “What is Romance? — All about the genre and sub-genres.”

What is Fantasy? — All about the genre and sub-genres.

What is Fantasy? Fantasy stories are not reality. They have imaginary characters and places. In the past and in the future, we will probably never see such things. Fantasy stories often include magic, creatures, super powers, and strange worlds. You will see: Dragons. Magic. Elves. Talking animals. Popular fantasy novels and movies are: The PopularContinue reading “What is Fantasy? — All about the genre and sub-genres.”

FAQ About Tadoku

What is Tadoku? In Japanese, tadoku means “extensive reading.” Basically, it means “read a lot.” It is a great way to study language. Instead of boring textbooks, you can read fun stories. Why is Tadoku good for studying language? Many students use grammar textbooks to study language. They memorize vocabulary lists and take practice tests.Continue reading “FAQ About Tadoku”