Punky and the Dog

Punky is a white cat. And he doesn’t like dogs. But today, his family gets a new pet…

This story is for Level 1 English learners.

Punky is a handsome cat. He is white. His ears, his feet and his tail are black.

Now, it’s a sunny day in May.

Punky sees something. He is surprised.

There is a horse with a blue wagon.
And who is that? There is a man wearing blue, too.

The man is carrying something. He has a crate.
It looks heavy. What is in the crate?

Punky doesn’t believe his eyes. It’s a dog!

Punky goes to the crate. He looks inside.
The dog is white with black spots.
He has black spots on his back, his tail, his ears and his feet.

“Meow!” says Punky. “That dog is too fat. He can’t run fast.
And he can’t climb a tree. The baby girl will not like that dog.
The baby girl likes me.”

Punky goes to the baby girl. He talks to her.
Punky says, “The dog is not fun. He barks and bites.”
But the girl does not understand.
She can’t understand cats.

The crate is open. The dog comes out.
He runs around the room. He is happy to be free.

Punky says, “Meow!”
And the dog says, “Bow-wow!”
Then, Punky says, “Stay away from me.”

Punky’s hair stands up. He makes a scary face.

Does the dog run away? No.
The dog sits down and says, “No, Punky, I am here to stay.”

Punky runs at the dog.
Will he attack?
The dog doesn’t move. He is strong and brave.
Punky stops quickly. And he rolls on the ground.
He rolls over and over.

The dog barks at Punky. Oh, he is scary!
Punky doesn’t want to fight.
He runs away fast. He climbs up the tree.

How long does Punky stay in the tree?
He stays there all day. He stays there until night.

The next day, do Punky and the dog fight?
No. Punky doesn’t attack the dog. And the dog doesn’t bark at Punky.
They become friends.

Now, they play with the baby girl every day.

The End


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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