The Tale of Two Bad Mice

There is a beautiful doll house with two cute dolls.

One day, the dolls go out, and two bad mice come in.

This story is by Beatrix Potter. It is rewritten for Level 2 English learners.

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful doll’s house. It was red brick with white windows. It had beautiful curtains, a front door, and a chimney.

Two dolls lived there. Their names were Lucinda and Jane.

Jane was the Cook, but she never cooked anything. Dinner always came to them, already made.

Here was tonight’s dinner. They opened the box of shavings, and they took out two red lobsters, a ham, a fish, pudding, and some pears and oranges. The food couldn’t come off the plates, but it was very beautiful.

One morning, Lucinda and Jane went out for a drive in the doll’s car. There was no one in the children’s bedroom, and it was very quiet.

There was a scratching noise in a corner near the fireplace. In the corner, there was a small hole in the wall.

A mouse’s head appeared from behind the hold. He went back in the hole. And then, his head popped out again.

The mouse’s name was Tom Thumb.

A minute later, Hunca Munca, his wife, popped her head out, too. She saw that there wasn’t anyone in the children’s bedroom. So, she went out.

The doll’s house was at the other side of the room. Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca carefully walked across the room. The pushed the front door. It was open!

Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca went upstairs and looked into the dining room. They, they squeaked with joy!

There was a lovely dinner on the table! There were even spoons, knives and forks. And there were two doll chairs. Everything was so convenient!

Tom Thumb started with the ham. It was beautiful and shiny. He took the knife and fork, and he started to cut the ham.

The knife couldn’t cut the ham! The knife broke and hurt him. He put his finger in his mouth.

“It is not cooked enough,” he said. “It is hard. Can you try, please, Hunca Munca?”

Hunca Munca stood up in her chair. She chopped at the ham with another knife.

“It is so hard! It is harder than the ham on the floor of the deli,” said Hunca Munca.

The ham broke off the plate, and it rolled under the table.

“Leave it alone,” said Tom Thumb. “Please give me some fish, Hunca Munca.”

Hunca Munca tried every spoon, but she couldn’t take the fish off the plate.

Then, Tom Thumb got angry. He put the ham in the middle of the floor. He hit it with a shovel.

Bang! Bang! Smash! Smash!

The ham broke into many pieces. Under the shiny paint, there was only plastic!

When the mice saw this, they were both angry and disappointed. They broke all the pudding, the lobsters, the pears and the oranges.

They still couldn’t get the fish off the plate, so they put it into the fire.

The fire was red, but it wasn’t hot. The fish didn’t burn.

Tom Thumb went up the kitchen chimney. He looked out at the top. There was no soot or smoke.

While Tom Thumb was up the chimney, Hunca Munca looked around. She had another disappointment. She found some cans. They were labelled “Rice,” “Coffee,” and “Flour.” But when she turned them upside down, she only found red and blue beads.

They were very angry. They went around the house. In the bedroom, Tom Thumb took Jane’s clothes out of the drawers. He threw them out of the window.

Hunca Munca ripped the bed. She pulled the feathers out of the pillows and blankets. Then, she remembered that she wanted a feather bed.

With Tom Thumb’s help, she carried a big pillow downstairs. The carried it out of the doll house and across the children’s bedroom. It was difficult to push it through the mouse hold, but they did it.

Hunca Munca liked her new feather pillow. She decided to go back to the doll house and get more things. She went back and took a chair, a bookcase, a bird cage, and more. Unfortunately, the bookcase and the bird cage were too big and they didn’t fit in the mouse hole.

Hunca Munca left them in the corner. She went back to the doll house to get a baby cradle.

Hunca Munca was just returning with another chair, when suddenly she heard a noise outside the bedroom. The mice rushed back to their hole.

The dolls came into the children’s bedroom.

Jane and Lucinda didn’t believe their eyes! Lucinda sat down and Jane leaned against the kitchen cabinets. They didn’t say anything.

Eventually, the dolls found the bookcase and the bird cage, and they returned them to the doll house.

However, Hunca Munca kept the cradle, the pillow, and some of Lucinda’s clothes.

She also kept some useful pots and pans, and several other things.

The children that take care of the doll house were very sad. So, they decided to get a policeman doll.

That was the story of The Two Bad Mice. But, what do you think? Were they truly bad mice?

Soon after, very early in the morning, Hunca Munca went into the doll house with her broom. She swept the doll house and cleaned it up.

Tom Thumb found a coin under the rug in the children’s room. On Christmas Eve, he put the coin in one of the doll’s stockings.

The End


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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