Peter Pan – Chapter 12 – The Children Are Carried Off

This is the story of the boy who never grew up.

Chapter 12 – The Children Are Carried Off

The pirate attack had been a complete surprise. It was sure proof that Hook had executed the plan incorrectly because the pirates weren’t smart enough to outsmart anyone else.

Suddenly, around the brave Tiger Lily and her warriors, the pirates suddenly appeared. It was such a surprise that the natives were still for a moment, not moving a muscle. Then, indeed, they seized their weapons, and the air was torn with war cries. But it was too late.

And now, I don’t want to describe the fight. It should be called a massacre, rather than a fight. Many of the natives perished in battle. But they didn’t all die in vain. They killed some of the pirates as they fell. Among the fallen pirates were Alf Mason, Geo, Scourie, Turley, and more.

Was Hook a genius or a fool for his war tactics? It is impossible to decide. If he had waited until dawn, he and his men would probably have been butchered.

What were Hook’s own feelings about the battle? His men, breathing heavily and wiping the blood from their swords, looked up and squinted at their captain. Hook must have felt proud, but his face did not reflect it. He remained aloof and dark.

The night’s work was not yet over, because his target was not the natives. It was Pan that he wanted. Peter Pan, Wendy, and their band. But mostly Pan.

Peter was such a small boy that you might wonder why a man would hate him so much. It’s true that he had flung Hook’s arm to the crocodile, but even this could hardly account for such a relentless hatred. The truth was that there was something about Peter which made the pirate captain furious. It was not Peter’s courage. It was not his appearance. It was not… well, I can’t keep beating around the bush. I’ll just say it. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it. It was Peter’s arrogance.

Peter’s arrogance got on Hook’s nerves. It made his iron claw twitch. It woke him up at night like an insect in his ear. While Peter lived, the tortured man felt like he was a lion in a cage and a carefree sparrow flew down next to him.

The question now was this: How do the pirates get down the trees? He ran his greedy eyes over them, searching for the thinnest ones. The trees wriggled uncomfortably, because they knew that Hook might chop them down in rage.

In the meantime, what were the boys doing? When they heard the first clang of the weapons, they outstretched their arms to Peter. Let’s check on them now.

Now, the boys arm’s have fallen to their sides. The pandemonium above has stopped almost as suddenly as it started, like a fierce gust of wind.

But, which side had won?

The pirates, listening avidly at the trees, heard them ask the question. And also, they heard Peter’s answer.

“If the natives have won,” he said, “they will beat their drums. It is always their sign of victory.”

Now Smee had found the drums, and picked them up. “You’ll never hear the drums again,” he muttered.

To his amazement, Hook gestured for Smee to beat the drums. Slowly, Smee understood Hook’s dreadfully wicked plan. Smee had never been so impressed by his captain before.

Twice, Smee beat the drums, and then he stopped to listen gleefully.

“The drums,” the pirates heard Peter say, “a native victory!”

The doomed children answered with a cheer. It was sweet music to the black hearts above.

Then, the children repeated their goodbyes to Peter. This puzzled the pirates, but they were delighted when they saw that the boys were coming up the trees. They smirked at each other and rubbed their hands. Rapidly and silently, Hook gave his orders. One pirate to each tree, and the others in a line.


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