The Romance of the Moon

The Moon is beautiful. The Earth loves her, but Saturn also loves her.

Who will win the fight for love?

The Romance of the Moon

This story is from 1,000,000 years ago.

It is a summer night. The Moon is thinking. The stars are singing and dancing.

What is the Moon thinking about? She is thinking about love.

And here is the Earth. The Earth is dancing in space. And he is thinking.

What is the Earth thinking about? He is thinking about the beautiful Moon.

He wants the Moon to see him. But the Moon does not look at him.

“Hello Moon,” he says. The Moon looks at him. She smiles.

And here is Saturn.

Saturn is watching the Earth and the Moon. He is angry because he loves the Moon.

“Hello Moon,” he says. But the Moon is looking at the Earth.

The Earth is dancing nearer and nearer to the Moon. Finally, he sits next to her. He comes nearer and nearer.

“Nice to meet you,” he says.

The Earth is talking to the Moon. The Moon is listening to the Earth. She is enjoying their conversation.

Saturn is watching from far away. He is angry and jealous.

Saturn comes to them. He points at the Earth. He says, “Stay away from the Moon! She is mine!”

The Earth is angry, and the Moon is scared.

And then, trouble happens.

They have a bad fight! They are hitting and kicking and crashing and shoving. They are bumping into other Planets. Now space is a mess!

Who will win the fight?

Saturn is strong, but Earth is stronger. The Earth loves the Moon, so he is fighting hard.

He punches Saturn with all his strength! Saturn flies far, far away.

Saturn loses the fight.

He also loses the Moon.

But the story isn’t finished, yet!

Here is the Sun.

He is shining brightly over the galaxy. He is the brightest thing of all. He is proud to be beautiful.

And, he also loves the Moon!

After the fight between the Earth and Saturn, the Sun comes to the Moon.

“Don’t be sad, Moon,” says the Sun. “I am here. Please marry me.”

But the Moon says, “No, thank you. I promised to marry the Earth.” She touches her heart. She really loves the Earth.

But the Sun is angry. He doesn’t like to hear “No.”

He grabs the Moon and takes her away.

The Earth sees this. He tries to rescue the Moon. He says, “Stop! Don’t take the Moon!”

But the Sun is riding away with the Moon. He shouts, “Stay away! If I see the Earth and the Moon together, I will burn you all!”

The Earth wants the Moon to be safe. He stops.

Now, he is crying for the Moon.

The Sun takes the Moon.

All day, the Sun is shining brightly. The Moon is a prisoner all day. She can’t run away.

At night, the Sun says, “Goodnight. I will sleep now.”

The Sun is sleeping. This is her chance! The Moon sneaks away and runs to the Earth.

She runs to the Earth. But he is sleeping, too! She is watching him sleep.

Every night, she returns to the Earth. She watches him sleep all night. Her big white face cries over the Earth.

When the Sun wakes up, she runs away from the Earth again.

Do you see the Moon? When the Sun is awake, she hides. But at night, you can see her big white face.

The End


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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