A New Classic Literature Series – June 21st to 28th

Hello readers and English students! Welcome to Fantasy Tadoku, your Easy English Story Library.

From this week, we have a new category: Classic Literature!


This week’s upload schedule includes:

Anne of Green Gables (Classic Literature – Level 4) 赤毛のアン (古典文学、上級)

Finally, Mrs. Rachel reached the backyard of Green Gables. The yard was very green and neat and precise. On one side, there were great willow trees, and on the other side were tall prim trees. There wasn’t a stray stick or stone to be seen. And of course, Mrs. Rachel would have noticed if there had been. Privately, she thought that Marilla Cuthbert swept her yard too often – probably as often as she swept inside the house. The yard was so clean that you could eat a meal off the ground without getting any dirt on your food.

The Cuthbert siblings are old and grumpy. They decide to adopt a boy to help them on the farm, but there is a mistake. Somehow, they get Anne, a cheerful girl who can’t stop talking.

The Rocket Book (Children’s Story, Level 1) ロケットの本(子供向け、ビギナー)

Here is an apartment building with 20 floors.

The building’s janitor has a child. His name is Fritz. He is a bad child.

One day, he plays in the basement. He finds a rocket.

Fritz is a bad child. He fires a rocket in an apartment building. Up, up up! It goes through the 1st floor. It goes through the 2nd floor. Up, up, up to the 21st floor!

Peter Rabbit (Children’s Story, Level 1) ピータのウサギ (子供向け、ビギナー)

From this week, you can listen to audio! Practice reading aloud with the audio. This helps your listening skills, pronunciation, and speaking skills.

“My little rabbits,” says the mother rabbit, “you can go to the fields. Or, you can go to the road. But don’t go to Mr. McGregor’s garden.”

The little rabbits ask, “Why not?”

Peter Rabbit is cute, but he always finds trouble. This time, he goes to Mr. McGregor’s garden. Is the garden safe? Or is the garden very dangerous?

My Dragon (Fantasy, Level 3) 私のドラゴン (ファンタジー、中級)

“But people never go to Wild Island because it’s mostly jungle, and very, very wild animals live there,” said the cat. “So, I decided to go across the rocks and explore it by myself. It is truly an interesting place, but I saw something there that made me want to cry.”

A young boy named Elmer learns about a place called Wild Island. There, a baby dragon is in trouble and it needs to be saved. Elmer sets off on an adventure to find the baby dragon and rescue it.

Dracula (Fantasy / Horror, Level 4) ドラキュラ (ファンタジー・ホラー、上級)

“Must you go? Oh! Young gentleman, must you go?” She was in such a panic that she seemed to be mixing languages together and I could hardly understand anything that she was saying.

Finally, she got down on her knees and begged me not to go. “Don’t you know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will run free?”

This classic novel is written in a diary. Jonathan Harker visits Count Dracula’s castle. He believes it is just a normal business trip, but there is something strange about Count Dracula and his castle. Soon, Jonathan Harker realizes that he is a prisoner in the castle. Is there a way to escape? Or will he become Count Dracula’s next victim?

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