Peter Rabbit

Do you know Peter Rabbit? He is a cute rabbit, but he gets into trouble. “Don’t go to the garden!”

This is a story about a rabbit family.

There are four little rabbits. Their names are:

and Peter.

They live with their mother. They live under a tree.

“My little rabbits,” says the mother rabbit, “you can go to the fields. Or, you can go to the road. But don’t go to Mr. McGregor’s garden.”

The little rabbits ask, “Why not?”

“Because,” says the mother sadly, “your father had an accident there. Mr. McGregor killed him. And Mrs. McGregor cooked him.”

The mother rabbit dresses her children. She buttons Peter’s blue jacket.

“Run and play, little rabbits,” she says, “and don’t get into trouble. I’m going shopping.”

The mother rabbit takes a basket and an umbrella. She goes through the forest, and she goes to the bakery. She buys a loaf of brown bread, and she buys five sweet buns.

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail are good children. They go down to the road. There are lots of berry bushes. The children gather blackberries.

But Peter is a bad child. He runs straight to Mr. McGregor’s garden. He squeezes under the gate.

Wow! Mr. McGregor’s garden has a lot of food!

First, Peter eats some lettuce.
Then, he eats some radishes.
And then, he eats some carrots.

Oh no. Now he feels sick.

But he doesn’t stop. He starts to look for more food.

He walks around, and he sees something.

What does he see? Oh no! It’s Mr. McGregor!

Mr. McGregor is on his hands and knees. He is planting young cabbages. But he sees Peter. He jumps up and runs after Peter.

He holds up a rake and yells, “Stop thief!”

Peter is so afraid. He runs all over the garden. He runs left and right.

Peter yells, “Where is the gate?” He runs and runs. He drops one shoe near the cabbage. He drops another shoe near the potatoes. But he keeps running and running.

Peter ran faster and faster. He thinks, “I can get away!”

He almost gets away, but he runs into a net! His jacket buttons are stuck in the net. He pulls and pulls, but he can’t run away.

Peter gives up. He lost. Mr. McGregor will get him. He cries and cries.

Up in a tree, some birds hear Peter crying. They fly down to him.

“Oh no!” they say. “You must try to get free! Try harder! Try harder! Don’t give up!”

Peter listens to the birds. He tries to wiggle free.

Mr. McGregor comes with a basket. He tries to catch Peter in the basket. But Peter wiggles hard! He wiggles out of his jacket. Just in time, he runs away!

Peter runs into the garden shed. He jumps into a watering can.

He thinks, “This is the perfect hiding place!” But oh! It is full of water.

Peter is wet in the watering can. But he stays still and quiet.

Mr. McGregor knows that Peter is in the garden shed. He looks for Peter.

Is the rabbit under a flower pot? He picks up each pot and he looks under.

Mr. McGregor doesn’t see him. Peter is safe! But, Peter is a little cold…

“Aaa—aaa—-aaa-CHO!!!” Peter sneezes loudly.

Mr. McGregor hears the sneeze. He turns and sees Peter.

Mr. McGregor runs after Peter again. He tries to kick him. Peter jumps out of a small window. He knocks over some plants.

Mr. McGregor tries to follow Peter, but the window is too small.

Peter runs away fast, and Mr. McGregor feels tired. He is so tired that he gives up. He stops chasing Peter.

Peter sits down to rest. He is out of breath. He is shaking with fear. And he still doesn’t know where the gate is!

Also, he is still very wet.

He walks around the garden slowly and he looks for the gate.

He sees a door. But the door is locked.

Peter sees an old mouse. The mouse is running around the garden. She is carrying peas and beans.

Peter asks her, “Excuse me! Where is the gate?”

But the mouse has a large pea in her mouth. She can’t answer. She simply shakes her head.

Peter is lost in the garden. He starts to cry.

He tries walking to the middle of the garden. But he becomes more lost.

Then, he finds a pond.

Next to the pond, there is a white cat. The cat is looking at some gold fish. She sits very still. She only moves her tail.

Peter thinks. Should I ask the cat? Hmm…

Peter remembers something. A long time ago, his cousin said, “Cats are bad. Stay away from cats.”

Peter decides not to talk to the cat. He walks away quietly.

He goes back toward the garden shed.

Suddenly, he hears a noise. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

How scary! Peter runs under the bushes and he hides. But, nothing happens. So Peter comes out and jumps on a wheelbarrow. He looks around.

What is the noise?

It’s Mr. McGregor. He is raking his garden. He doesn’t notice Peter.

Oh! And look behind Mr. McGregor. It’s the gate!

Quietly, Peter gets off the wheelbarrow. Then, he runs as fast as he can. He runs and runs towards the gate.

He runs past Mr. McGregor.

Mr. McGregor sees him and shouts, “Hey!”

But Peter keeps running. He squeezes under the gate.

At last! Peter is safe! Peter is out of the garden!

Peter runs and runs and he doesn’t stop running. He runs until he gets home.

He is so tired that he drops down on the floor. He closes his eyes and sleeps.

The mother rabbit is cooking. She sees Peter and says, “Oh Peter! Where are your clothes!”

Peter sleeps and sleeps, and he starts to feel sick.

His mother puts him to bed. She makes him some ginger tea.

She says to Peter, “Drink some tea. I hope you feel better.”

Peter doesn’t like ginger tea, but he drinks it anyway.

Meanwhile, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail have a delicious dinner. They have bread, milk and sweet blackberries.

The End

About this story:

This story is “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.” The original was written by Beatrix Potter in 1902. It is in the public domain.

This story was rewritten by Judy Shinohara. It is for beginner English learners.


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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