The Lie Detective – Armed Robbery

“Help!” Cried a woman’s voice through the phone. “I’ve been robbed!”

Can you solve this mystery before Detective Lance does?

Detective Lance typed the last line of his report and clicked print. He let out a long sigh and sat back in his chair. The clock said 9:30 – another night of overtime. He took his leather wallet from the bottom drawer and stood up to leave.

The phone rang. Lance considered whether to answer it or not. He looked intently at his watch and took a deep breath.

“Waterfield Police Station. Detective Lance speaking.”

“Help!” cried a woman’s voice though the phone. “I’ve been robbed!”

“Calm down. Where are you now? Are you in danger.” Detective Lance held the phone between his ear and his shoulder. He put his wallet back into the drawer and took out his notepad.

“The robber had a gun,” the woman breathed heavily, “and she took all of my money from my bedroom.”

Lance sat down at his desk, scribbling on his notepad. “Is the robber still there?”

“No, no. She just left. She took all of my money and she left.”

“What did the robber look like?” Detective Lance glanced around the station as he spoke. Recently, the police station had been understaffed. There was only one regular night shift worker. Officer Trauney had arrived thirty minutes ago, but he was already asleep at his desk.

“I couldn’t see the robber clearly,” said the woman in a voice filled with panic. “She was completely covered – a mask, gloves, a long sleeved shirt, long pants and boots. All black. And a gun!”

“What did the robber take?”

“She took all of my money! She had a gun, so I panicked. When she asked me where my money was, I immediately told her. I pointed to my closet, and she took all of my savings – $24,000!”

Detective Lance wrote his notes quickly. “You keep saying ‘she.’ How could you tell that the robber was female?”

“Well, it was obvious,” said the woman. “She was wearing a tight shirt and tight pants, so I could see her curves. Plus, when she yelled at me, she had a high-pitched voice. She was also wearing purple nail polish and her boots had two inch heels.”

“I see,” said Detective Lance, “and how long was she in your house?”

“Only a few minutes,” said the woman. “She came in through the back door – I had forgotten to lock it. She took the money and left in a hurry. Then, I called you as soon as she left! If the police rush here, maybe they can find her nearby! My address is -”

“No need, Ma’am,” Detective Lance interrupted, looking down at his notes. “We won’t be sending any police to your house because your story is a lie. Have a good night.”

Detective Lance hung up the phone, took his wallet and jacket and went home.

What was the fault in the woman’s story?


Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Osaka! I love teaching English to my students. In my free time, I enjoy simple gardening, reading and writing, art, and watching Netflix.

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