Detective Nanny – The Broken Window – (Answer)

Here is the answer to “The Broken Window.”

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Nadine turned to the mother and said, “You cleaned the kitchen because there was glass everywhere, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Because they broke the window,” said the mother.

“But, if the children threw the ball from the kitchen,” said Nadine, “the broken glass should be outside the kitchen. I was just outside, and I didn’t see any glass outside of the house. That means that the ball was thrown into the kitchen. There are lots of children playing catch outside. I think one of the neighbors threw a baseball through your kitchen window.”

“See!” said the little girl! “We told you! It wasn’t us!”

“I see,” said the father. “So it was the neighbor. I’m sorry for doubting you, kids.”

The father hugged his children, and then, he shook Nadine’s hand. “Welcome. I hope you will enjoy working for our family.”

“Welcome, Nanny!” said the children. “Thank you for getting us out of trouble!”

Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Japan. I write fun stories for people who are studying English. I also teach English and study Japanese.

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