A New Prime Minister 新しい総理大臣

Until recently, Shinzo Abe was the Prime Minister of Japan. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history (about 9 years!). A few weeks ago, he announced that he was resigning because of health issues.

I was surprised because it was sudden. I am used to the American government system. The presidents change on a schedule.

Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister (for the second time) in 2012, and he announced his resignation on August 28, 2020. He said he has been feeling unwell since July. He has a disease called “ulcerative colitis.” It is a type of inflammatory bowel disease.

Wow, I don’t think I can pronounce “ulcerative colitis.”

On September 17th, the new Prime Minister officially took office. So, who is the new Prime Minister of Japan? It is Suga!

Whoops! Not the Korean rapper, Suga…

The new Prime Minister of Japan is Yoshihide Suga.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to Japanese politics, but I recognize him because he was on the news last year. He announced the new era’s name and held up the sign that said, “Reiwa.”

I don’t know much about Suga’s politics, but I feel a little disappointed.

In Japan, the new Prime Minister is 71 years old. In the U.S., the election will be between Trump, 74 years old, and Biden, 77 years old.

Of course, there are great leaders around the world who are past “retirement age.” But, I think that younger leaders tend to connect with younger citizens better.

It’s my opinion that younger leaders seem to care about family issues, such as childcare, and employment issues, such as raising the minimum wage.

What’s your opinion about the age of politicians?

P.S. I might be a hypocrite, because I was cheering for Bernie Sanders… and he is 79 years old. 😱

the longest-serving Prime Minister最長在任の首相
resign / resignation辞職する / 辞職
health issues健康問題
inflammatory bowel disease炎症性大腸炎
take office政権を握る
pay attention to〜〜に注意を払う
I recognized him私は彼だと分かった (見覚えがある)
retirement age退職年齢
tend to connect with〜〜とつながる傾向がある
raise the minimum wage最低賃金を上げる
a fresh perspective新しい考え方

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