Working at Starbucks

Today, I spent the afternoon at Starbucks. I really like working and studying at cafes. I think the atmosphere helps me concentrate. Also, I love the smell of coffee.

I appreciate cafes that offer free wifi. If there is wifi, I can use my iPad to do research or write on my blog.

I also appreciate cafes that have outlets. If I can charge my iPad, I don’t have to worry about the battery life.

EnglishJapaneseExample Sentence
spend / spent(時間を)過ごす/過ごしたI spent the day studying for my exam.
atmosphere雰囲気This restaurant has an exciting atmosphere.
concentrate集中するI can’t concentrate when there is music.
appreciate感謝するI appreciate my mother because she is very kind.
offer提供するThis job offers a high salary.
outletコンセントThis room only has one outlet.
charge充電するCan I charge my phone, please?
don’t have to worry about心配しなくていいYou don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine!
battery life電池寿命My new phone has a 48-hour battery life.

Published by Judy Shinohara

Hello! I’m Judy, living in Japan. I write fun stories for people who are studying English. I also teach English and study Japanese.

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